I am a painter who attended Parsons School of Design. I grew up in Staten Island, New York and my studio is in Sea Cliff, Long Island where I reside with my husband, our two sons and our daughter. I taught art for ten years in the Bronx. I enjoyed my experience teaching but have decided to paint full time. The majority of my paintings have been created in the last two years. An experimental phase that enabled me to open up the language. My intention is to start a conversation with the viewer.

I achieve a flow when working that is meditative. My painterly style is expressive. I understand the language of abstraction. A singular painted surface can express multiple concepts and nuanced emotions. The physicality of the painted surface is alive long after the artist is gone. Composing compositions that convey the human condition is both fascinating and challenging. We are existing in two realities simultaneously. Our external, physical reality as we move through space and time and our internal, private reality. As artists we start with a blank canvas but can move the paint in endless combinations and formations. Painting is communicative and seductive. A language that to me is beautiful and unique.

I exhibited some paintings at the Clio Art Fair in NYC and at the Hamptons Fine Art fair on Long Island with the Alessandro Berni Gallery. Some of the paintings are on Artsy with the Alessandro Berni Gallery. Most of the paintings have been created in the last five years. I create compositions that intend to communicate internally to myself and externally to the viewer. I am interested in the language of painting and its many possibilities. Some of the painted images will be developed into series.

Very briefly:

Highway Go: the desire to leave the desire to go. Mobility and immobility. A journey.

Adam and Eve: the relationship with the other and our origin

The Grid as a structure: Dark Descent, Body Grid and Motion, Sunset Day, The Northern Star at the End of Summer. The geometric is an organizing structure part of several compositions seen throughout the paintings. I am interested in the language of abstraction.

The Feminine Profile the Cameo: (to be observed) and the Mask (to observe)in Lady in the Window, A Lady and Her Arrows, The Hook

Orange Sun originated from the smoke from Canada as it appeared in NY. There will be more Orange Sun Paintings

Water is all around me because I live in Long Island and Vermont

All Streams and Submersion

Historical Events in America:

The Women’s March, Violence at the Capital, Sick

My method is not linear it is like multiple spirals I start multiple paintings, complete an image and circle back to the concepts to then move forward with more paintings. This opens up the language and gives me multiple avenues to explore. I prefer concepts that are universal. I believe the work to be in the early stages. I attended Parsons School of Design. I grew up in Staten Island NY and I am Irish and Italian. I had my studio in Williamsburg Brooklyn. A flood in my studio destroyed my early paintings. I lived in Inwood and worked as an art teacher in the Bronx. I currently live in Sea Cliff, Long Island with my husband Robert Franco and our three kids. My studio is in my home in Sea Cliff. I waited until my sons were grown to resume painting. They just graduated college. My daughter is 13. We have a very large and happy family. I am a full time artist. I like to vacation in Italy and Ireland and I have a townhouse in Vermont where I ski. I also enjoy kayaking on the sound, hiking in the mountains and swimming in the ocean and lakes. I read many, many books but ultimately chose painting over writing. I often work large. Painting can be a physical process. I plan to paint for the next 30 years. My parents are 86 and really enjoyed their later years. They traveled the world and played many sports. I consider them terrific role models in this regard! I hope you enjoy the website!

Fondly, Lauralee Franco


When the Figurative Dances with Abstract Works: Lauralee Franco

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