Lauralee Franco
LOVE, The American Landscape Series

LOVE, The American Landscape Series by Lauralee Franco

2017-2018 American Landscape Series.Title: LOVE Recent events in the headlines are terrifying.  LOVE and Motherhood in America at this point in our history is fraught with tension and concern. My desire to protect my teenage son mirrors  my desire as a younger mom to protect him as a baby. In the moment LOVE is all we really have. We work to realize the American dream against all odds. You may  have noticed that the composition for LOVE is borrowed from Whistler’s portrait of his mom. Used on the American postage stamp during the Great Depression Whistler’s portrait of His mom became a symbol of American Motherhood and a part of American history. My portrait contrasts Whistler’s in many ways. Whistler painted his mom with great affection however he considered the painting to be an abstract composition in gray. That is true but the viewers at the time and now cannot help  but to gravitate towards the woman sitting before them. LOVE is another version American motherhood however it cannot be symbol of anything.  With its multi-layered dimensions and complexities LOVE is of our time but can be interpreted in several ways. It raises many questions  and it is supposed to make the viewer think about this particular moment in American history.   ( Linen, Oil paint, newspaper clippings, Christmas wrap 48H x 60L


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